Speco bearing isolator cutout showing bearing isolator design and sophistication.

Bearing Isolator Failure: Don’t Overfill Oil Cavity

Isolators serve an integral role in protecting the bearings, their housings, and the oil from contamination while also preventing the oil from leaking. But isolators only function as well as they are attended with proper best practices. 

Bearing Housing Overfilled with Oil

A practice that is often overlooked is keeping the oil cavity filled properly – Not too high and not too low. Fill the housing until the sight glass is half-way full. This means that the oil level is at the middle of the bottom-most ball of the bearing. if the oil if overfilled,  the bearing will overheat and wear out quicker. If the cavity is underfilled, the bearing will not be lubricated enough and cause failure.

*Note that if the oil level in the sight glass is showing half full and the bottommost ball bearing is not halfway dipped in oil, you need to take measures to level the pump and motor.


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